Vittoria | Senior

Vittoria came to visit me out at the farm the other day and I was completely in awe of this gorgeous young lady! Can we all swoon?!


Sunshine was the only request Vittoria gave me when it came to planning her senior session. I thought, "that's not too hard!", with it being summer and all, no problem, right?


Here we are in August and you never really know what the weather is going to do in Illinois. So, of course, the clouds move in the day we had originally planned to get together. And the rain. Buckets. We pushed our playdate back a week and finally...the sun danced in the sky again! We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous evening out in the country!

They say home is where the heart is, which is probably why I have so much anxiety anytime I go to town. Moving to the country has really allowed me to find peace and stretch my creativity. I love bringing friends out and sharing this little corner of my heart with them! Vittoria was a rockstar- bold, beautiful, and not afraid of bugs. She was such a trooper! I feel blessed to have met such a sweet soul.

Here are a few from our adventures together!