Natalie + Kyle | Wedding

It's not everyday you get to spend your morning in one of the most beautiful mansions in Illinois! What an amazing way to start the day, let me tell ya!

I could already feel the love in the air when I stepped inside Vrooman Mansion for the first time. The scent of old books greeted me as I took in the rich wallpaper, a different deep shade in every room. I could hear laughter from upstairs and turned my attention to the grand staircase. I travelled up and settled in the pink room, where the gorgeous bride sat beaming- smiling through the swishing and the dabbing of makeup being applied. If you know Natalie at all, you know she is too excited to sit still. The most sweet and charming young woman you could ever meet. 

You could say she is quite loved, too. After spending some time with the girls, a couple of the bridesmaids pulled me aside to fill me in on a BIG surprise. I could hardly keep the silly grin off of my face when I learned that the groom, Kyle, had gotten his bride the ultimate wedding gift...I'll let you scroll through the photos to see if you can figure out just what his special gift was!

Now, mind you, this was only the beginning of my day! After so much fun already, I parted with the girls to meet the guys. They were dressed and anxious, rehearsing a dance the entire wedding party had planned for the reception. Their laughter was contagious! And as the day went on, so many more laughs were shared...and maybe a few tears, lots of hugs, and a couple smooches here and there!

Just check out those dance moves! <3