Alec + Katie | Engaged

Alec and Katie came out to the farm to celebrate their engagement about a month ago and it was the PERFECT evening. They were both so sweet and just so genuinely happy...just check out the way they look at each other! <3

The mosquitos were definitely out and at large, but we didn't let them get in the way! These two were brave! We hopped from location to location- classic case of chasing that beautiful golden sunset. So dreamy. Katie even agreed to wear the flower crown that I made (I could definitely use some more practice), bless her heart!

A whole foot taller than Katie, Alec was worried about the height difference in the photographs. I think things worked out just fine. They rocked it!!!

I felt so honored to capture Alec and Katie's love story. The two met while deployed in Iraq- and coming from a military family background, that hit close to home. Extremely thankful for their amazing service as medics in the National Guard. You two are truly outstanding beings, I'm so lucky to have met you!

Thank you to Alec and Katie for your inspiring story and your lovable chemistry...we are all goo-goo eyed over you both! Congrats!! :)