The birds are singing sweetly and the sun, just barely up, casts a glow over the green grass. The hills roll past the point I can't see, and my first cup of coffee turns into three. Did I just rhyme there? I did. Well, the country air works in funny ways!

I'm a city-born girl, but country at heart! After meeting the love of my life by chance, I moved out to "the farm" with him and have since developed a new passion for life. Don't get me wrong, I've always appreciated my life and been so thankful for everyone in it- but out here, I definitely feel at home. The countless sunsets and the old trees and the cool dirt just bring me closer...closer to my family, closer to God, closer to my work and my passion...and that is Photography!

I started taking photos at a young age. When I was probably no older than six years, you could usually find me at Grandmas house playing with toys. One of my favorites, which wasn't a toy at all, was an old polaroid instant film camera. We're talking vintage! Poor Grandma, I was always burning through all of her film, but she didn't seem to mind. As the years went on, my love for art and photography continued to develop and I started to notice growth in my work. The more I grew as an artist, the more I wanted to learn!

Thanks to supportive friends (new and old!) and family, I've been able to keep creating and learning. Every new day brings me more joy and inspiration and I am so excited to share that with you on this journey!