Hello, friends!

My name is Dani, short for Danielle. I love taking photos and creating art in almost anything and everything I see. After studying hard and receiving my art degree I began making photography and painting my full-time priority, along with family being my number one!

I grew up in a close family group from the city. When I met my husband, Caleb, he was just returning home from his service in the Marine Corps. I had no idea what life had in store for me...

We were inseparable from the start and eventually moved to the country where Caleb grew up. I was transformed into a farm girl with my passion for the outdoors and animals. Out where we live, gardening and taking care of our furry friends keep our hearts happy. 

When I'm not spending time at home, I'm meeting wonderful people and taking their picture! I love hearing stories, getting to know strangers, and watching their happiness unfold behind the camera. I love making art through my lens- a journey I didn't know I'd started so many years ago when I first stepped foot on college campus.

I continue to learn every day and grow among friends and family. I look forward to possibly meeting you and capturing the memories you will hold on to forever!